By the Numbers: Rene Klaus

By Julia Kemp

For years, the strong leader of the College and Career center at Westmont, Rene Klaus, has provided life-changing services and kindhearted support to countless WHS students. Holding seminars, sending newsletters, hosting student meetings—the caring Klaus has left a huge impact on the life of every warrior. After a successful career helping high school students plan their futures, Klaus will be retiring from Westmont at the end of the 2023 school year. In celebration of her impact on Westmont, I’ve asked Klaus to tally up the numbers of different accomplishments that she has achieved during her time on campus. Read about her numbers below!

How many years has she worked here? 

Volunteered for four years before six years of paid work.

How many students have you helped?


How many times have you said the word naviance?

Around 12,000… It’s beginning to feel like it’s not a real word

How many times have you helped log in to the College Board?


How many colleges have you visited?

It’s hard to count; Klaus went before she worked at Westmont as just a hobby! Probably around 450. 

How many college flags do you own?


How many newsletters have you written?


How many college visits have you hosted?


How many college application workshops have you held?


How many students have you helped fill out FAFSA/CADA?


How many bags of candy have you given away?


How many pans of brownies have you given away?


How many fun facts have you posted in your newsletters?


Rene Klaus’ impact on the lives of Westmont students is truly like no other. We, at Westmont, will miss her warm spirit and positivity, and wish her the best as she thrives in retirement!