The Top 10 Songs Of My Senior Year

By Elika Kalami

As my final year of high school comes to an end, I’ve had much time to reflect on my personal growth over the years. While my style changes, my friends come and go, and my grades hang on for dear life, one thing has remained constant throughout my high school experience — my love for music. During my senior year, I found that my music taste has officially solidified and is now more representative of my personality than ever before. Below, I have compiled a list of my favorite songs that have been on repeat this year. Each of these tracks has helped me endure and survive another year of high school; hopefully, they do the same for you!

  1. “Here’s Where the Story Ends” by The Sundays

I’ve recently been obsessed with the mystifying discography of The Sundays. Formed in the late 1980s, this band has kept its audience mesmerized with its unique sound and Harriet Wheeler’s angelic voice for decades. “Here’s Where the Story Ends” is a timeless classic about the bittersweet realities of love. 

  1. “Everyday is Like Sunday” by Morrissey 

This year, I’ve grown infatuated with The Smiths and their unique, melancholy sound. Their lead singer, Morrissey, has a solo career where he created gems such as “Everyday is Like Sunday.” When this song comes on, I simply can’t help but sway around and belt the words to the chorus.

  1. “Happiness” by The 1975

I remember so vividly where I was when my favorite band, The 1975, released the second single to their fifth studio album, “Happiness.” It was only a few days before the first day of my senior year, and I desperately needed a distraction from all the stressors. This song was the anecdote; it is impossible not to revel in happiness when it comes on. 

  1. “I Wanna Be Adored” by The Stone Roses

While this song is more gloomy than others, it’s important to recognize and appreciate every moment in your life, whether good or bad. I found myself listening to “I Wanna Be Adored” during some of my lowest moments this year. Yet another timeless classic, this song helps me feel less alone in my experiences. 

  1. “Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene” by Beabadoobee 

“Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene” is amongst Beabadoobee’s most underrated songs, yet it is surely one of my favorites. The song follows the mind of a lovesick girl and features messy, distorted instrumentals. It’s a super fun, playful song I can play in any mood.  

  1. “Bus Stop” by Don Toliver and Brent Faiyaz

This song is a drastic change of genres from the previous ones, but I’ll always adore hip-hop. Brent’s mesmerizing vocals at the end of the song perfectly complement the rest of the upbeat, energetic track. 

  1. “Linger” by The Cranberries

The Cranberries’ album, Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, gives me goosebumps from start to finish. “Linger” is one of the most popular tracks from the album, and it deserves all the attention it receives. My coworkers and I have been playing it on repeat since we adopted it as our little anthem. Dolores O’Riordan, you will forever be famous! 

  1. “Blue Velvet” by Lana Del Rey

I’ve been in my Lana Del Rey phase since my cousin first introduced me to her in elementary school. Truly, the rest is history. “Blue Velvet” is a criminally underrated song where Lana covers the 1954 pop song recorded by The Clovers. In my opinion, her rendition of this song is more mystifying and impressive than any other. 

  1. “Been A Son” by Nirvana

Throughout this year, I’ve been getting increasingly into heavier rock music, specifically Nirvana’s. “Been A Son” is always a joy to blast in my headphones or in my car.  

  1.  “Kokomo, IN” by Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast has got to be one of my favorite singers ever, yet I barely hear anyone talking about her. If you’re into alternative and indie pop, I highly recommend you listen to her discography.