Basketball Best Friends 

By Sydney Reese

Starting in sixth grade at Rolling Hills, the basketball team has pretty much stuck together throughout the past six years. Nearly half the seniors on the varsity basketball team have been playing almost every season together since sixth grade. Emily Burich, Charlize Muyco, Chantel Tran, Carina German, and Bella Andrade, as well as Catherine Achkar hopping in at the very end, are all the seniors that have spent almost every school basketball season since middle school together. Shoutout to Madison Yazalina as well, as she played every season up until senior year. The team chemistry built both on and off the court, showed around campus and during games. Last year we won the league and fought hard in the playoffs. 

My favorite memory with this team is winning the Del Mar tournament during Winter break last season. All the games were close and we fought to the very end, especially against Christopher High School. Basketball is a pretty cool sport, but what has made these past six years so special are the girls that have played basketball. Overall, I am so thankful for the basketball community that started all the way back in sixth grade.