Capri Elementary

By Jen Mejia

Throughout my entire school career, I have remained friends with the same people I was friends with in elementary school. Although I have built many friendships, I noticed many of these friends have been people that attended Capri Elementary which made me realize that Capri made me the person I am today by surrounding me with great individuals and memories. I moved to Capri in the fourth grade so let me tell you, it was not easy being a nine-year-old going to a school full of random people, but these people were the best. 

Many kind individuals in Ms. Sweeny’s fourth grade class made me feel welcome. Every day I am grateful to all the friends I made in that class. All the people that came up to me to engage with me got me involved in the school culture. 

I made so many other friendships through playing on the field with many of my peers. No, they were not in any of my classes, but little me dared to ask if I could join. Luckily I was able to play with them. Every day during recess and lunch, I felt included by a wonderful group of individuals

The culture of happiness and pure joy is needed for every nine-year-old to strive. Being there for others and having others there for me has been a big part of me being me. I owe it all to those friends I made at Capri Elementary.