Clouds; the Coolest Thing Ever

By Sydney Reese

I think clouds are the coolest thing in existence. Chunks of ice crystals floating in the sky; what could be cooler? These ice crystals come in all shapes and sizes and just like snowflakes, no two clouds will ever be the same. However, unlike a snowflake, clouds can be pretty much any color. While they are typically different shades of gray, clouds reflect almost any color that can be in the sky. For example, sunsets and sunrises only reach their full potential when clouds are there to further reflect and intensify the sky’s colors. 

There are also so many kinds of clouds. The typical puffy, full, white clouds; cumulus. The thin, wispy, light clouds; cirrus. The really puffy, thick, huge clouds; cumulonimbus. The dark, threatening, rain clouds; nimbostratus. The chunky, smaller, white clouds; cirrocumulus. The lower altitude version of cirrocumulus; stratocumulus. The different kinds of clouds that you see depends on the altitude that they form at and the way in which the ice crystals condense. They always appear in different shapes and sizes because they are always in de-skies. 

Overall, in my opinion, clouds are cirrus-ly the coolest thing ever. The majority of pictures I take are of clouds, crowning them the raining champion of my camera roll. When I was a kid, I would take pictures, find shapes in the clouds, and try to catch them, but I always mist. I think the only people who don’t like clouds are the ones always throwing shade. Most of these jokes went over everyone’s head, but I think we all need to stop and appreciate clouds more 🙂