Siam Station Review

By Avalon Kelly, Isabel Kikoshima, & Amelia Lipcsei

Having recently opened back in February, Siam Station is a Thai food restaurant nestled in the heart of Cupertino. After visiting the restaurant several times, we have compiled a list of our favorite items on the menu. Here are the best dishes you should try!!

Cashew Chicken

Stir-fried and marinated in soy sauce, the cashew chicken is definitely one of the best options on the “A La Carte” portion of the menu. At most restaurants cashews typically have a soggy texture,, but not at Siam Station! With every bite of this delicious dish, the cashews taste fresh and crunchy. The crispness of the cashews pairs perfectly with the freshness of the onions and carrots that the chicken is mixed with. At Siam Station, the cashew chicken comes with a side of rice, which soaks up the chili soy sauce in the dish. If you plan on visiting the restaurant, you should give the cashew chicken a try!

Pad Thai

The Pad Thai from Siam Station is inarguably unmatched. Showcasing a sweet sauce, chewy noodles, and caramelized tofu, this dish will leave you filled with excited anticipation for each delicious bite. Without fail, we order the Pad Thai for every meal we have at Siam Station.  You can find this dish under the “Noodles” section of the menu; we recommend choosing the tofu as your protein! Siam Station will even adjust the spice level to your liking: mild, medium, or hot. The Pad Thai is our favorite dish for both dinner and for a post-studying snack!

Yellow Curry

Creamy and slightly spicy, the Yellow Curry from Siam Station has a delicious blend of flavors. The sweetness of the coconut milk pairs well with the spiciness of the seasonings that Siam Station incorporates. Likewise, the coconut milk mixed with potatoes, sweet onions, and carrots adds to the creamy texture of the curry. Served with a bowl of rice, the Yellow Curry pairs perfectly with the sticky and mild rice that Siam Station serves. I highly recommend trying the Yellow Curry with medium spiciness!