Ranking Red Bull

By Lauren Marino 

Red Bulls are a popular tasty beverage that many people rely on to be energized. Each flavor  provides energy for anyone who ingests the drink, but certain ones  taste better than others. Below you will find a ranking of the Red Bulls that will make you energized and taste delicious. 

  1. Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit Red Bull takes the first place spot because of its unique flavoring. Typically Dragon Fruit is not an option for many other energy drinks and it tastes refreshing and delicious. Dragon Fruit also has great packaging and the drink itself is a nice shade of pink. 

  1. Coconut Berry 

Coconut Berry is a very close second to Dragon Fruit. The nice clean white and blue packaging makes it appealing to the eye. The coconut is also not too overpowering, so there is a perfect balance between coconut and berry to create a tasty blend of flavors. 

  1. Regular 

You can never go wrong with the regular Red Bull. Red Bull has a very unique taste to their brand and the signature Red Bull is not too bland, but just enough flavor for it to be the original, plain flavor. 

  1. Tropical 

The color and packaging for the tropical flavor is not as appealing to the eye but still bright and clean looking. This flavor has nothing special to it, it’s not bad, but it simply doesn’t stick out. 

  1. Fig Apple 

Fig Apple is the winter edition Red Bull. The packaging on this is a very unique blue and it stands out because of the interesting combination between fig and apple. However the two flavors work surprisingly well together. Since it is a winter edition red bull,  it’s not a part of the original flavors. The two unique flavors compliment each other well, but not enough to top the other flavors. 

  1. Watermelon 

The classic watermelon is a common flavor that most energy drink companies produce. Red Bull’s watermelon is not too strong of a watermelon flavor, but it is very sweet. After a few sips it can start to taste very artificial, but overall an average  watermelon flavored drink. 

  1. Blueberry 

Lastly, the blueberry Red Bull. The blueberry Red Bull has no good qualities. The packaging of the drink is very dark and is not appealing. The blueberry flavoring does not resemble blueberry because of how artificial it tastes. Not Red Bull’s best work and therefore it lands on the last place spot.