Ranking Cartoon Network Shows 

By Raven Carthon

My childhood can be recalled as waking up at eight in the morning, running down my stairs, and plopping myself in front of the TV ready to watch my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Here is a ranking of the Cartoon Network shows that guided my childhood. 

  1. Adventure Time 

Following the adventures of two buddies Finn and Jake, this show carried my serotonin levels all throughout middle school. Although this show has many fun moments, it has themes of children coping with the weight of their parent’s addictions. The show also has many hilarious and creative original songs that I even have in some of my playlists today! 

  1. The Amazing World of Gumball

A hilarious blue cat, and his goldfish brother… what better way to start your morning? Gumball has an affinity for getting into trouble, typically coming from plans he comes up with, yet he never seems to learn his lesson. His loyal best friend and brother, Darwin not only has his back throughout the whole show but also falls into his brother’s trap of trouble. This show has a kind of childhood humor that cannot be beaten. 

  1. Steven Universe 

A deeper show, Steven Universe tackles many serious themes in a way that can be better suited for children. Don’t even get me started on the overall aesthetics and animations of the show as a whole. The animators are pros when it comes to colors conveying emotions, which I think is truly admirable. 

  1. Regular Show 

Growing up, I was one of the kids who had to watch Regular Show in secret. My mom always thought it was too mature for me but I loved it nonetheless. Mordecai and Rigby have some of the best brotherly chemistry I have seen in a Cartoon Network show. And don’t even get me started on characters like Muscle Man and Pops.