The Battle of the Channels 

By Cynthia Andary

Disney Channel: Top Four 2000’s Shows Recommendations

  • Wizards of Waverly Plac

Three young wizards in training named Alex, Justin, and Max Russo live in an apartment on Waverly Place in New York on top of their family owned sandwich shop. In their hidden lair, their former wizard father, Jerry Russo teaches his kids every day about the proper use of magic. The training will prepare them for a competition against her siblings for control of the family’s magical powers.

  • Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart lives a double life, transforming herself into famous pop singer Hannah Montana at night. Her secret identity is known only to her family and closest friends.

  • Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Carey, the mother of identical twins Zack and Cody, finds a gig as a performer at Boston’s five-star Tipton Hotel, which includes an upper-floor room. Through their antics, the twins turn the hotel into their playground. Zack is a troublemaker compared to Cody who is logical. 

  • Phineas and Ferb

The goal of Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher is to have fun each and every day of their summer vacation. They make a full-scale roller coaster, learn to play an instrument, create a backyard beach, and go back in time to encounter dinosaurs. Perry the Platypus, a family pet, also works as a secret agent and fights against evil. Older sister Candace is tattling about them to Mom and Dad, but they never seem to catch them in action.

Nickelodeon: Top Four 2000’s Shows Recommendations

  • Victorious

Tori Vega, 16, is about to experience a significant change in her life. Tori has been given the opportunity to enroll in Hollywood Arts, a high school with a focus on the performing arts. Although Tori was surprised to receive the invitation—she never considered herself to be very talented—and she still needs to adjust to being the new student on campus at Hollywood Arts.  

  • ICarly

Carly Shay finds her previously “normal” life turned upside down when her Internet show, “iCarly,” becomes an instant success among young teens. With her parents traveling abroad, Carly works with friends Sam and Freddie to produce hit videos, under the watch of her older brother, Spencer.

  • Big Time Rush

The chance of a lifetime presents itself when four closest friends from Minnesota decide to leave their hockey sticks and high school lives behind in order to seek pop music success in Los Angeles as a boy band. Kendall, who was discovered as a solo artist, decides to participate in “pop group” training in exchange for the record company giving his three friends James, Logan, and Carlos a shot to succeed with him as a group.

  • Zoey 101

Zoey, a teenager, adjusts to her new boarding school in Malibu and acquires a variety of new friendships. The Pacific Coast Academy, which was previously a boys-only institution, now accepts girls to attend. Together, Zoey and her roommates navigate teen issues while keeping a funny attitude.