The Brown Hair Girl

By Madeline Crowley

The brown haired girl, 

a sight to behold,

Her beauty radiates, 

yet her stories untold.

She moves with grace, 

and speaks with such poise

But what’s beneath the surface?

What’s the noise?

Her eyes shine bright,

She moves with such ease,

I long for her attention

I’ll do anything, please

Her long brown hair 

a crown of earthly tones,

Have strands that dance and move like stones,

A canvas for the sun to play,

And weave its light throughout the day.

It flows like rivers to the sea,

A warm and welcoming tapestry.

A blanket for her face to rest,

And feel the comfort of its nest.

In hues of hazel, chestnut, and oak,

It whispers secrets, gentle and bespoke,

A color of the earth and sky,

That holds within its depths, a sigh

Oh how I long to know the secrets

The secrets of the brown haired girl.