Cheese and Chocolate

By Cynthia Andary 

Fondue is widely known as a cheese dip. More specifically, a Swiss melted cheese dish with a splash of wine to elevate flavor. It is most commonly served with bread, vegetables, crackers, or small pieces of meat. The possibilities are endless for what you can pair with this cheesy delight. And the same applies for chocolate fondue. It is served with fruit, marshmallows, and graham crackers. 

Personally, I find it difficult to choose a favorite between cheese or chocolate fondue. Typically, I would go with the savory option because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. But you won’t have to decide because you can get both! Try the cheese fondue as an appetizer and enjoy the chocolate fondue for dessert. My favorite place to go to for fondue is Rok Bistro in Sunnyvale. Not only do they have great fondue options but they also have great food! I would definitely recommend dipping your toes in the special cuisine if you are intrigued in trying a delectable treat.