Nutella Necessities

By Emily Burich

Out of all the dips in the world, Nutella is definitely one of the best.  You can dip Nutella in just about anything: strawberries, pretzels, bread, waffles, oreos, marshmallows, bananas….the list just goes on and on.  Here are some of my favorite things to dip with Nutella and my rankings.

  1. Strawberries 

My ranking: 10/10

When dipping strawberries into Nuella, it reminds me of chocolate covered strawberries.  The slight tartness of the strawberry mixed with the sweet Nutella pairs perfectly together to make this one of the best and easiest snacks of all time.

  1. Bread

My ranking: 9/10

An original and fan favorite, bread and Nutella make the perfect sweet and savory combo.  Toasting the bread makes this Nutella sandwich even more delicious and perfect as an after school snack.

  1. Waffles

My ranking: 9/10

Adding Nutella to waffles adds more flavor than just a regular waffle.  Even adding some fresh fruit like bananas or strawberries makes this the perfect earling morning meal for breakfast.

  1. Bananas

My ranking: 9/10

Every fruit with Nutella is amazing, but bananas are definitely one of my favorites.  This combo reminds me of chocolate covered bananas.

  1. Pretzels

My ranking: 7.5/10

Pretzels dipped in Nutella reminds me of chocolate covered pretzels and works as a tasty snack to enjoy while watching TV or doing homework.  In my opinion, plain pretzels are boring, but adding Nutella makes them so much better!