The Ultimate Introvert Anthem

By Julia Kemp

Do you ever feel like escaping the world? Do you ever want to be forever alone, with no one but your dog to keep you company? Well, I have the perfect song for you. “Me and My Dog,” by the popular girl band, boygenius, is the perfect anthem for introverts experiencing heartbreak. 

One really unique and interesting aspect of boygenius’ songwriting is the formatting. They tend to put multiple verses back to back and end with a chorus, rather than interlacing a repeated chorus throughout the verses. “Me and My Dog” does a great job of linking casual verses and concluding with a showstopping chorus. 

We had a great day

Even though we forgot to eat

And you had a bad dream

Then we got no sleep

‘Cause we were kissing

Verse one perfectly encapsulates the feeling of casual, slow love. This conversational lyricism can be found in many boygenius songs as well as songs in each of the singers’ solo careers. Casual lyrics reveal a truth in the song and in the relationship; it’s not poetic or idealistic, but raw and flawed.

I had a fever

Until I met you

Now you make me cool

But sometimes I still do

Something embarrassing

This verse provides a relatability to young, introverted lovers who tend to overthink in relationships. The fear of doing “something embarrassing” can overtake your thoughts and actions, preventing you from genuine connection. 

I never said I’d be alright

Just thought I could hold myself together

But I couldn’t breathe, I went outside

Don’t know why I thought it’d be any better

I’m fine now, it doesn’t matter

I didn’t wanna be this guy

I cried at your show with the teenagers

Tell your friend I’ll be alright

In the morning it won’t matter

Yet again, boygenius expresses simply how terrifying it is to be in love as an overthinker, and how surreal it is to feel at someone’s disposal, and to give someone power over your emotions and self-perception. 

I wanna be emaciated

I wanna hear one song without thinking of you

I wish I was on a spaceship

Just me and my dog and an impossible view

I dream about it

And I wake up falling

Finally, boygenius arrives at the chorus. This part of the song is definitely my favorite; the emotional guitar and drums brings this song to its pinnacle.