Yash Chitambar

By Amelie Arango 

Whether you’re walking through the halls, on the track, or in the classroom, junior Yash Chitambar’s positivity is infectious. A great, funny friend, Yash always has a smile on his face. Below is an interview highlighting all the ways that he is involved on campus and beyond. 

What activities/sports do you do at Westmont?

“I run cross country and track, and I’m a board member on the robotics team and CSF.” 

What do you enjoy about each of these activities?

“Cross country and track: It’s rewarding to do a workout with friends, the team has great coaches and great attitude towards running. In Robotics, I enjoy fabricating a design and working together with others to build a robot. CSF is great way to support my community and help others.” 

What are some of your hobbies/things you enjoy doing outside of school or in your free time?

“I love to go camping, backpacking, and biking. I also love to play piano and jam out with friends.”

Favorite thing about Westmont?

“ I love our sports teams!”