The Return of Poguelandia

By Isabel Kikoshima

The return of Outer Banks in season three has certainly gained hype after the release of the first two action-packed seasons. At the end of season two, the Pogues try to rescue Sarah and get the Cross of Domingo back by setting sail to the Caribbean. Thankfully, the team runs into Cleo on their way, who helps hide the crew and rescue Sarah. While on the boat, Ward attempts to kill Sarah, but John B intervenes and gets into a bloody fight. When they finally reach Rafe and Wade, the Pogues and Cleo escape without the cross to save their lives. The enraged Rafe promises his father that he will avenge him as the Pogues arrive on an island deemed as Poguelandia. As the season comes to a close, viewers dwell on the shocking discovery that John B’s dad is alive.

In season three, the battle between the Kooks and Pogues heightens to a new level. With the return of John B’s father, John B learns some new information about the hunt for the gold and his father. Of course, Sarah and John B’s relationship goes through some rough patches, yet they and the rest of the Pogues remain together through all the hardships (#P4L). I would definitely recommend watching the third season if you enjoyed the first two seasons of Outer Banks. In this season, more action and drama occurs than any season before and the plot of the gold quest deepens.