A New Style from Netflix

By Adam Sarsfield

Weird is the only way to describe the show, Love, Death + Robots. This series of episodic stories reach a wide variety of genres, including sci-fi, horror, action, drama, and comedy, most of which hold no connection to each other. The show is very graphic and explicit in many episodes, so be aware of the strong level of mature content in the show. The series creator and director, Tim Miller, wanted to create a project that mimicked an old sci-fi film called Heavy Metal, an anthology of various science fiction and fantasy stories tied together by a single theme of an evil force that is “the sum of all evils.” However, there was a hindrance in Miller’s project as Netflix was unwilling to produce the project as a film but would if it was a television show. The concept behind Miller’s project sees the production studio outsourcing the work to seven different animation studios. Each animation studio makes the show’s episodes from various countries, with each episode holding its own unique touches in animation styles. The series reaches crazy levels of tones and storylines and only produces high-quality episodes with flawless animation detail. There is no way to explain the storyline of the show as there is practically no one timeline or characters, with some exceptions for certain studios creating multiple episodes. Overall, the show is most likely the most random series on Netflix, and I would highly recommend taking a watch.