She Said

By Isabella Brady

In a world consumed by systemic issues and harrowing experiences that fall to deaf ears, She Said is a cinematic triumph detailing how the written word can amplify silenced voices and create change. Released in 2022, the biographical film reveals the story of New York Times journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor as they investigate the sexual assault culture within Hollywood and the legislation and corporate policies which perpetuate it. 

Struggling to interview victims on the record, Twohey and Kantor’s search reveals the disturbing proliferation of female victims in the industry and the measures companies take to silence them. Receiving threats and urging survivors to share their experiences, the riveting story takes the talented journalists to a disturbing reality, and they are responsible for sharing it with the world. This Women’s History Month, I recommend She Said as the top movie for this year’s theme: women who inspire change.