Rachel Berntsen

By Sinchana Holla

Amazing track star, volleyball player, hard worker, and extraordinary equestrian — freshman Rachel Berntsen balances all. During the fall season, you can see Rachel yelling encouraging chants and tearing up the volleyball court with amazing spikes. She supports her teammates with motivating advice and never fails to playfully tease her friends at times of need. “I enjoy the supportiveness and teamwork within the volleyball community. I was on JV this year and our team’s collaborative spirit grew so much in such a short period of time,” reflects Rachel.  Furthermore, once spring season rolls around, Rachel is an absolute beast on the track.  Rachel expresses, “In track, I really enjoy that it is co-ed and that you can work with people of all ages.” She sprints like someone is chasing her and is one hell of a hurdler. On top of that, if Rachel’s not at school, she’s probably riding her horse. She spends 10-15 hours at the barn working with her horse or doing things to help around the barn. “I’ve been riding for around 4 years now and I’ve been riding English and jumping for around 3 of those. I’ve had the opportunity to own my amazing horse, Caleb, for over a year” excitedly states Rachel. Moreover, Rachel is part of the FFA program and Caleb is her project. 

As a freshman, she loves the community at Westmont and how welcoming the people are. If you ever see Rachel around school, be sure to say hi to this genuinely outstanding student. Trust me, she doesn’t bite!