Sophia Salvador

By Sinchana Holla

Sophomore Sophia Salvador — my best friend, a hard worker, and a committed member of various clubs—is continuously involved in various activities at Westmont. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Sophia, she is an exceptional individual with an enthusiastic and warm personality. She is always thrilled to give a caring hug and never fails to put a smile on your face. Not only is she an extraordinary student in her classes, she balances schoolwork with her clubs. Sophia enjoys being a part of Life Crew, CSF, Rooting For Earth, IcLucy, and Best Buddies. “I like being more involved in the Westmont community and making new friends/meeting new people” expresses Sophia. Beyond school, she has danced since she was young with a few different studios. As a diligent worker herself, Sophia  pushes others to their best potential. Loved and appreciated by many, Sophia never fails to see the best in everyone and support them in times of need. 

“My favorite thing about Westmont is the people and environment” conveys Sophia. Westmont is full of amazing people, but, in particular, you have to meet the marvelous Sophia. Everyone needs a friend like Sophia! Next time you see Sophia in the hallways, yell  “hey!” and get to know the outstanding Sophia Salvador for yourself.