Dean the Machine

By Keira De Vita and Anjali Nayak

Although hesitant to step into the spotlight, Dean Caspi  makes Westmont a better place. Dean’s role in ASB cannot be understated. Being a part of the tech team, Dean edits and plans videos produced by ASB. Fellow classmate Danielle De La Cruz says, “Dean is my favorite person on the planet.” You can see Dean in the junior class’s wonderful lip syncs. While many men in ASB might not feel inclined to participate in the lip sync dances, Dean is always open to learning and trying his best. Classmate Marissa Anderson states, “It is really nice to see a guy comfortable enough to not feel embarrassed by doing lip sync.” During the school day, Dean’s favorite class is APUSH, teacher Christopher Mock notes, “Dean is always the first person to arrive everyday, he is friendly and nice even though it is the morning.” When classmates talk to Dean, they know they are talking to someone who has a deep sense of empathy and understanding for them. Dean makes sure to spread positivity, never talking down to the people around him. In the future, Dean wants to be an animator. His dream job would be working at Pixar. Overall, Dean is a wonderful part of the Westmont community and the next time you see him, make sure to say hi. 

What activities/sports do you do at Westmont? 


What do you enjoy about each of these activities?

I love the people in ASB. When I came to Westmont, I didn’t know anyone and ASB really helped me find a community of kind and hardworking people. Getting involved in the school is also really fun and rewarding.

What are some of your hobbies/things you enjoy doing outside of school or in your free time?

I really enjoy art and spend a lot of free time drawing. Even when I’m supposed to be paying attention in class or doing my homework, I end up doodling anyway. I also like traveling and I should be able to go this summer.

Favorite thing about Westmont?

I really like the people and culture of Westmont.