Passion Appreciation Day

By Sydney Reese

How many hours a week do you deposit to your sport? All those hours of blood, sweat, and tears can be comparable to money, cashing into your “sport bank account”. At some point, you will want to use all that money. Why spend so much time and effort without an extra reward? 

Therefore, here is my proposition. This holiday, Sports Appreciation Day, can only occur once a year, but you get to decide which day it occurs on. On the day you wish to cash in your collected money, you have to call a certain number. The business that picks up your call, registers today as your “Sports Appreciation Day”, and off you go. In preparation for your Sports Appreciation Day, the business places a special shirt in everyone’s house on January 1st. Now is your time to break the glass and don the shirt. 

Walking around with the shirt not only shows everyone your sport, but also qualifies you for certain benefits. For example, if you play soccer and have a certain number of hours (your shirt knows the number of hours), you can buy any soccer-related material goods (1 hour = $1). Maybe a new pair of cleats, or new shin guards. Hopefully, this holiday will encourage you to continue playing your sport and work hard. 

As a matter of fact, why would this holiday just be for sports? Why not celebrate and encourage any passion where someone deposits numerous hours of hard work? Therefore, this holiday will be named “Passion Appreciation Day”, to celebrate, appreciate, and encourage the hours you pour into doing what you love.