My BFFs (Best Fresh Flowers)

Ever since I was very little I’ve loved collecting flowers. While my friends ran around, playing tag or wall ball, I lounged in the fields, making flower crowns. Carefully choosing small daisies and diligently twisting together stems, I spent hours perfecting this craft. Now, I’ve grown out of my flower crown expertise; however, my love for fresh flowers never diminished. 

Every time I walk into the grocery store, I always wander toward the flower section. I buy my favorite fresh flowers (usually tulips or, nostalgically, daisies) and place them in a vase in the center of my room, so that I can always see them. 

I’ve found that fresh flowers add a special carefulness to my room decor. Far superior to houseplants or, dare I say it, fake plants, flowers add that special quality that can never be replicated. Delicate, beautiful, aromatic—fresh flowers are the epitome of classy room decoration.