Rating Local Plant Shops

When wandering around Downtown Campbell, a particular type of store seems to pop up continuously among the various restaurants and other establishments. With four unique plant stores in the general area around Downtown, it is hard to choose which one to visit! We rated each store considering the prices, quality of plants, variety of plants, and overall aesthetics. 

Summer Winds Nursery – 8/10

While not technically in Downtown, Summer Winds is located across the street from Safeway on Winchester only a few blocks away. When arriving in the parking lot of this lovely establishment, it is clear that this store is a little different from the rest. Rather than a solely indoor houseplant shop, Summer Winds is a nursery, and provides a wide variety of gardening products. Ranging from soil and fertilizer to wildflowers and even trees, they provide everything a plant lover needs. The prices are relatively reasonable, and the selection of house plants is varied and includes some unique specimens. The plants are kept healthy by kind, knowledgeable employees who are welcoming to new and experienced plant owners!

Spellcraft – 6/10

A different type of store, Spellcraft features plants as just one product in their eclectic assortment. Offering crystals, tarot cards, jewelry, and more, Spellcraft’s plants are more an addition to their collection than the main attraction. However, we still chose to rate them as they are easily found within Downtown Campbell. This store offers a smaller selection of plants, including more cactuses and small succulents. Unfortunately, the prices on these plants are more expensive than most other places, and they aren’t super healthy. Some of the more expensive plants inside are healthier and more unique, but for a steep price. Overall, definitely visit Spellcraft for their beautiful crystals and mystical gifts, but maybe skip on the plants. 

Plants by POST – 9/10

This store is truly spectacular! Nestled in the residential area behind Downtown Campbell, we consider this store a hidden gem of the plant world. With a homely feel and incredibly kind and helpful workers, this place is welcoming from the second you walk through the large open front. Plants by POST offers a wide variety of plants ranging from mini succulents to large monsteras and ZZ plants. They also provide pots, fertilizer, and other plant accessories for purchase, which is especially helpful for new plant owners! The plants are unique, mostly healthy, and reasonably priced, if a little expensive. This store is a great place to visit, even with no intention of buying a plant, simply for the environment (and the little coffee cart outside)!

Momstera Lounge – 7/10 

An incredibly aesthetically pleasing plant store, Momstera Lounge was what we had expected when looking in from the outside. With little baskets dedicated to holding your plants, cute mystical accessories to purchase, and a gorgeous interior design, the atmosphere was lovely, if a little cramped. However, the main issue was similar to Spellcraft – the plants are pretty expensive compared to the nurseries. Healthy plants and a gorgeous design boosted this store’s rating, and we only wish the prices were a little lower!