Amanda and Her Plants

Amanda Schwarz, is an athlete, hard worker, close friend, and most importantly, an avid plant hoarder. Here is an insight into her plant beliefs. 

  1. Why do you like plants so much?

I like nature, they make good decor, taking care of them gives me something tranquil to do, and I think they give good vibes. 

  1. How many plants do you have in your room?

About fifteen I think. 

  1. Favorite plant? Why?

I have a fern. I named it Ferb. It is sort of dying, but it was really happy for a long time so it is still my favorite.

  1. Easiest plant to take care of?

The basic answer would be a succulent because they don’t require too much, but pothos is also usually pretty good in various settings. It propagates easily too.

  1. Hardest plant to take care of?

Mine are all ok. I have an air plant, and I have to dunk it underwater for 10 min every month. It’s not hard but considering how easy the rest are, it has a few more steps. 

  1. Any plant advice?

If you’re not good at taking care of plants, don’t get one.