In The End 

By Sydney Reese

How to play chess for beginners: setup, moves and basic rules explained |  Dicebreaker

The game begins 

The pieces in place 

The kings grin 

The players pace 

One move here 

One move there 

A trap appears 

In the black square 

A game of the brain 

Anxiety, dilemmas, stress

Thinking, pondering, mapping 

What to do next 

What moves to make 

What pieces to sacrifice

What plays were a mistake 

What figures fit the type 

Which one is more powerful 

Which one is a threat 

Which one will ensure 

Life beyond death 

All the games 

All the maneuvers 

All the names 

All the users 

We all get wrapped up 

In every move, every play

We forget the big picture 

All games end anyway

And in the end 

In the game of chess 

All the pieces 

Go back to rest 

The king and the pawn 

Both go in the same box 

6 feet under the lawn 

Does it matter what games we lost?