Finding Comfort in Music

By Keira De Vita

Obtaining the privilege to be able to listen to music everyday, and at any immediate moment the music listener is consumed in an instant comfort. Struggling with school and the effects of overly empathizing with peer’s winter depression, music forms an escape like no other; a fixation most can rely on to always be there, waiting for the listener to come back. Music proves as an escape for many different groups of people, which is the universal benefit for music– readily available to help through times or engage in the undying moments of joy.

Though people may look at a music listener who listens primarily to one artist as weird, there is no way without transparency to understand why someone is hyper fixated on an artist. Whether it is to create or boost joy, or to cure feelings of anxiety and stress, having a go to an artist or playlist can easily be a great way to accomplish a higher state of contentment or bliss. Whether there are specific study playlists, a personal one, or one to reduce stress, music is there.