Best Gluten Free Foods at Trader Joe’s

By Isabella Brady

Eating gluten free—especially when you are allergic to typical gluten replacement ingredients—can be difficult. However, all it takes is some culinary experimentation and research to discover some delicious replacements. With the refreshing variety of foods available and fresh ingredients, I have had success at Trader Joe’s. The following are my top five recommendations.

Mac and cheese: At first I was skeptical, however, Trader Joe’s take on the comforting classic is delicious. The noodles have a great texture and it only takes a few minutes in the microwave to prepare, making it a great staple for the freezer for any last-minute meals.

Eggwich: Taking less than two minutes to prepare and packed with protein, this filling breakfast is wonderfully seasoned. At first glance it may seem weird that the egg is the ‘bun,’ yet, all it takes is one bite to be happily mistaken. 

Tacos: Miniature tacos can be the best appetizer at events. I recommend these because they have a nice flavor and texture for the corn tortilla.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Crisp and buttery, the first time I had these cookies I didn’t even realize they were gluten free! I highly recommend these if you are looking for a classic flavor and texture—just be prepared as you will definitely be sharing these with everyone in the house.

GF Brownie mix: Only taking a few minutes to add all the ingredients, Trader Joe’s Brownie mix is an excellent option for quick baking preparation—sometimes going from scratch for gluten free baking turns into a chemistry class by trying to create the perfect mixture of replacement flours. The finishing product is amazing, and nobody will know they were gluten free to begin with!