Besties Review the Best-Teas: Sharetea

By Isabel Kikoshima and Amelia Lipcsei

Each issue, we will review a different boba place. For each cafe, we will rate the tea, boba, atmosphere, and customer service. This issue, we are rating Sharetea, a bubble tea franchise located in downtown Los Gatos.

Isabel’s Tea Ranking: 6/10

I ordered my go-to and seemingly simple drink, Strawberry Oolong Tea, a light and slightly sweet tea paired with refreshing strawberry tea. While this drink never fails me at most boba cafes, the tea at Sharetea left an underwhelming impression. First off, I ordered the drink with a normal ice level, yet the tea had only a few cubes of ice. Quickly, the drink lost its cool and refreshing quench that I look for in fresh teas. In addition, the tea had little to no strawberry flavor and tasted almost like Gatorade due to the lack of flavor. Overall, I rate the tea a 6 because of the mediocre flavor and lukewarm temperature. 

Amelia’s Tea Ranking: 8/10

Whenever I go to Sharetea, I almost always order the same thing: an Ice Blended Thai Tea. Sharetea is one of the only boba places that has mastered the art of blended drinks. They’re always perfectly blended, with the right amount of ice so as to not overpower the flavor of the tea. Unfortunately, their Thai tea is a hit or miss. Sometimes, I get it and it tastes incredible; other times, the tea leaves me feeling regretful and with a stomach ache. This time, the flavor of the tea stood out and the flavors paired together perfectly. However, I took off two points due to the excessive amount of creamer that they use. 

Isabel’s Boba Ranking: 5/10

Undercooked yet too soft, the pearls at Sharetea had many flaws. A majority of the pearls in my drink had a very chewy texture,  as if they were frozen, which resulted in an unpleasant consistency in each sip. While most of the pearls were uncooked, others almost melted in my mouth. The disparity in pearl texture shows a lack of attention to the boba while cooking. Although the boba lacked the chewy and soft texture that I look for in superb boba, the pearls tasted delicious. Packed with brown sugar sweetness, the boba had an impressionable taste that left my taste buds wanting more. Thus, I rate the boba a 5 because of the unappealing texture, yet delectable taste. 

Amelia’s Boba Ranking:  3/10

Although I usually enjoy Sharetea’s boba, this time it felt overcooked and smushy. Even the flavor of the boba was not enjoyable. Lacking the honey flavor that I enjoy, the boba tasted like almost nothing. It honestly just felt like I was eating flavorless mush. By the time I finished my drink, I was glad that there were no pearls left to eat. It was that bad.   

Isabel’s Atmosphere Ranking: 9/10

When walking into Sharetea, I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of seating and tables. I appreciate the plethora of seating options because whether it’s doing homework or hanging out with friends, a variety of workspaces at boba cafes is always a plus. Moreover, the cafe had employee-decorated post-it notes throughout the cafe, which added a personal touch to the atmosphere. Sitting in the cafe, I enjoyed the cleanliness and modernity of the decorations. I rate the atmosphere a 9 since I enjoyed the seating options and cute decorations. 

Amelia’s Atmosphere Ranking: 8/10

Sharetea has a really cute atmosphere. Tables and chairs fill up the space, and the area is always filled to the brim with talkative people. The cute notes that filled the area really added to the space, and the modern decorations made the shop stand-out. White chairs paired well with the white walls; all of their decorations were placed with clear intent. Overall, their decorations really added to the atmosphere. 

Isabel’s Customer Service Ranking: 10/10

At Sharetea, the employees always greet their customers with a smile and welcoming attitude. While ordering my drink at the register, the employee made sure to clarify all sugar and ice adjustments. With each drink, the employees handcraft and spend a lot of time on the presentation of their products. Even with a long line, they were patient with every order and ensured their customers were satisfied with their drinks. Overall, I rate the customer service at Sharetea a 10 because the employees were very friendly and put a lot of effort into making my drink. 

Amelia’s Customer Service Ranking: 8/10

The employees are great; however, the place is always super busy, so they sometimes are unable to give customers their full attention. Due to the overworking of the employees, sometimes the drinks take a really long time to get to customers. All of the employees are super nice even when they are under pressure though. I think Sharetea needs to consider hiring more people (and or/scheduling more people during busy times).