Valentine’s Day LEGO Sets!! 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you do not have something for your significant other and are on a time crunch then LEGO sets are your perfect option. Not only are LEGO sets versatile, but also they feature a wide range of options for all interests. And, you can build them together!

  1. Heart Ornament: If you are looking for something really simple yet romantic enough to show your love and affection to your partner this heart ornament is perfect! In addition,  you can hang it up wherever you want, and the decoration works for a multitude of seasons. 
Heart Ornament
  1. Valentine Lovebirds: Fun fact: lovebirds are monogamous! This LEGO set is the perfect option for animal lovers and can serve as a cute room decoration. 
Valentine Lovebirds
  1. Roses:  What more do I have to say? Tied to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, red roses have been a symbol of love for ages. Get your partner these roses that will never die to express your everlasting love for them! 
  1. Wildflower Bouquet: If roses are not your or your partner’s forte, then a wildflower bouquet would be the perfect ever-lasting flower option.  
Wildflower Bouquet
  1. Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night: Vincent van Gogh (as most of us know) was an inspirational artist for his time and is quite famous for cutting off his ear to give it to his lover. While you should not do that, this LEGO set of Starry Night is a great alternative. 
Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night
  1. Heart Necklaces: Although these heart necklaces are not from the brand LEGO themselves, they are authentic bricks with a stainless steel chain that is tarnish- resistant and hypoallergenic. hey make a lovely option for everyday wear, so you can carry a piece of your partner’s heart around with you wherever you go. 
  1. Typewriter: This LEGO typewriter is beautiful and once built (although you can not type on it) you can place a love letter on the top for your partner! Gorgeous and timeless, this LEGO is perfect! 
  1. Bonsai Tree: Does your partner like frogs and/or trees? If so, this LEGO set is the right choice. Bonsai trees represent harmony, balance, patience, or even luck—all of which you should want for your partner. Not only that but the leaves on the tree are frogs! 
Bonsai Tree
  1. Flower Bouquet: These flowers are quite popular at the moment and serve as a perfect option for everlasting flowers, and they are gorgeous to keep around the house. 
Flower Bouquet
  1. Grand Piano: A grand piano is just like the grand love that you have for your partner! This LEGO set is a flawless piece, and once connected to an app, it can even play music and move the keys. This option is perfect if your partner likes music.  
Grand Piano