Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day 

More often than not, Valentine’s Day leaves people feeling lonely and unwanted. Even the select few who have someone special to share the day with are left with unnecessarily high expectations of their ideas of romance. If you want to get the most out of your Valentine’s Day, here are a couple of quick tips!  

  1. Cry it out

You are allowed to be upset that you do not have someone to share this capitalistic holiday with. The feelings of bitterness and jealousy tend to take over, which can sometimes manifest in tears. The importance lies in not keeping these feelings bottled up and taking time to let yourself be upset. 

  1. Buy yourself chocolates

Who needs chocolates from someone else when you can make a quick trip to Safeway and celebrate your single life with sweet treats? A favorite of mine is the Ghirardelli raspberry chocolates. While the chocolate melts in my mouth, I forget my impending loneliness. 

  1. Do not watch romance movies 

With the holiday approaching, it is normal to want to give in to the temptation of having a rom-com marathon, but this will only make you feel worse! Rather than feeding your sadness, watch an action movie or a comedy to make yourself feel better. 

  1. Treat yourself to dinner

Taking yourself out on a date is one the most fulfilling experiences you can partake in. The true key to staying happy on Valentine’s Day is to enjoy your own company. Whether it is Mcdonald’s or the swankiest restaurant in town, you should enjoy the time to yourself. 

  1. FaceTime a single friend 

Although you can call any friend, in order to preserve your feelings, the best move would be to call someone who shares your contempt for Valentine’s Day. In order to exterminate your feelings of loneliness, having a friend be there for you might be just what you need.