The Unexpected

By Avalon Kelly

Creamy, tangy, crumbly—Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese never fails to satisfy my cheese cravings.  Its retailer describes it as “an aged premium cheddar with hints of parmesan.”  Who knew that something so simple could taste so perfect?  Read on to discover some of my recommended pairings for this unique, sharp cheese:

  1. With apple slices: The juxtaposition of the apple’s sweet crunch and the cheese’s smooth bite creates an unmatched combination.  I recommend thinly slicing the apple and layering the Unexpected Cheddar right on top.
  2. With crackers: This classic pairing is timeless for a reason!  I am a big fan of the Pita Bite Crackers.  I would even recommend having a handful of almonds on the side.  Your taste buds will go ‘nuts!’
  3. With pear: Wow.  This flavor dichotomy between the sweet pear and salty cheddar is simply addicting.