Brie Cheese

By Jen Mejia 

Brie cheese is a soft cream cheese that gets its name from the region Brie in France where it originated. Brie cheese has a soft inside, but the rind is less soft. Now that you know more about Brie cheese, let me show you how to pair it.  *tip* make sure your cheese has been sitting out until it has softened.

Brie cheese and crackers 

Cheese and crackers is a timeless snack, we grew up on Lunchables so just buy a box of multigrain crackers and Brie cheese from Trader Joe’s and enjoy. 

Brie grilled cheese with jam 

Begin with any bread, preferably sourdough, and then add soft butter if you prefer a crispier grilled cheese. Once both sides of the bread are toasted, top it with slices of Brie. Once the Brie cheese has melted, add a little bit of jam (raspberry and apricot are the best).

Baked Brie Cheese 

Although I’ve never attempted to bake Brie, I’ve seen some lovely photos and recipes. Brie only takes around 5-7 minutes to bake. Honey, nuts, jams, and fruit like peaches and apricots work nicely as toppings. There is so much more, so get creative.

Brie and grapes 

Cheese and grapes are a perfect combination so why not just buy some Brie?