Society vs Our Phones

By Madeline Crowley

Point (represented by society): Cell phones have destroyed society.

Counter point (argued by cell phone companies): Cell phones have positively advanced society.

Cellphone: I provide you with quick access to the internet and any answer and research you wish to see.

Society: Our attention spans have lessened dramatically and we rely so heavily on looking things up that we don’t memorize street names, directions, common sense, and simple facts needed in life.

Cellphone: I have brought you faster and instant communication from the second I was invented. We allow you to have positive conversations with others in a safe environment.

Society: Cell phones have socially disconnected us from the world, we have less genuine communication with each other, and have become more socially awkward. Due to the fact that we cannot see a person’s face while texting them online it is way easier to say something hurtful or rude that we don’t really mean because we aren’t afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings if we don’t have to deal with the consequences of it in person. It has become harder for us to communicate because without hearing someone’s tone of voice, texts can be perceived in completely different ways than they were meant to.

Cellphone: Our large variety of dating apps and social media allow you to find romantic  partners, new friends, and allow you to communicate with them online in a safe way. 

Society: Many of us have hardly experienced the real attraction that forms when meeting people in person and getting to know how they truly are by seeing them around other people, under pressure, and in different social situations because the romantic interactions are often held solely online. It has become harder for us to talk to our crushes in person or go from friends to dating because we only ever speak to them online and may be catfishing. 

Cellphone: With easy access to bank apps and your digital wallet you can check out at the grocery store with the simple press of a button on your phone and no need to carry around any cash or have to calculate tips in your head. This makes cash register jobs easier. 

Society: We spend money without physically seeing it and understanding its real worth, our spending habits have gotten worse and we are unable to save as well. We don’t tip in cash anymore.

Cellphone: We give you inspiration for projects and creative ideas for various things through our social media and artsy apps. 

Society: Growing up our children will be more tempted to use the phone for cheating and plagiarism purposes rather than learning uses because “it’s easier than memorizing it.”

Cellphone: With the help of news companies and the internet we provide up to date information to you on what’s going on in the world including politics, local to international news, weather information and other threats.

Society: We forget the use of cookies on us helps spread propaganda and fake news because cookies often only show one side of the situation. False information has become a popular tactic in swaying our perceptions and causing a divide in humanity.

Cellphone: We have helped to employ millions of Americans and direct quality candidates to their companies. Our calendar and scheduling apps have made it much easier to plan appointments and busy weeks out. Our focus and mute settings have allowed you to become more productive in your everyday lives by being able to turn off your phone when needed. 

Society: After using our phones a little bit everyday we have become addicted to them and are unable to live without them in some cases. This is unhealthy because phones are unreliable and dont hold battery forever. Being on our phones distracts us from getting work done and being productive. It can be really hard and depressing to separate yourself from the screen sometimes. The continuous distractions caused by countless notifications and the feeling of needing to be checking our phones have caused more car crashes due to iphone usage than drunk driving alone.

Cellphone: After a long day’s work sometimes it is necessary to go on your phone and unwind by playing a few video games or talking to your friends. It helps relax the mind and allows you to take a break. In addition there are countless mental health apps that give you the power to connect with therapists or others struggling with similar problems.

Society: Our phones have actually given us the most mental health problems more than anything else because we often find extra trouble focusing in our everyday lives. Us teenagers are negatively affected by social media because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and seeing people who appear to be happier or living better lives than us. Playing video games on our phones can make us feel lazy in the long run, cause us to procrastinate and regret our decisions.

Cellphone: The new and improved apple triple camera technology with crystal clear quality and high definition allows you to take pics and capture every moment so you can feel like you’re actually reliving it.

Society: We have become way less present in the moment because we are so worried about documenting everything and whether we took good pictures and looked attractive in them. Sometimes our memories are not nearly as clear because of this, and we will only be able to remember certain things little because they are what we captured on film. The constant picture snapping has also created a “post it or it didn’t happen” culture with many teenagers because we all want to show off the cool things we do to brag to others.