Fighting with the Buranator 

By Raven Carthon 

Eric Buran, otherwise known as “The Buranator” to his sixth-period class, is regarded for his gift for leading valuable discussions and educating the future generation of America. What most do not know is the nature of his interesting opinions pertaining to not only his class material but pop culture. 

Since entering Mr. Buran’s AP Government class I have grown a deep disdain for the reading material which includes, “Lanahan.” In this book, several government-related documents are sourced and contain material that is given on the exams. While Mr. Buran views Lanahan as a godsend to the literary world, I view the book as the source of all darkness and evil in this world. When asked why he is in love with “Lanahan” Mr. Buran remarked that it “provides a broad stroke of readings that engage students to the ultimate intellectual experience.” One may view this opinion as sound and even admirable, but this could not be more false. Three-quarters of the government classes do not even glance at the book, and those who do read it do so out of pure fear of failing the course. While the Buranator believes that Lanahan enriches students’ minds, I argue that it only sends students into a constant descent into madness. 

Continually, Mr. Buran has plenty of opinions when it comes to pop culture and music. One of his most passionate ones that we often debate about pertains to former Beatles member, George Harrison. Mr. Buran, who views George Harrison as the weakest link in the band, disagrees with the idea that Harrison is one of the strongest songwriters within the group. The Buranator could not be more wrong about this fact. He continues this streak by addressing his disgust for the cult classic, Jennifer’s Body, viewing it as a “beautiful disaster.” As this movie is one of my favorite horror films, I could not disagree more. While the movie does contain bizarre themes, that only adds to its fun and campy nature. Considering all that Mr. Buran does for the Westmont community I will give credit where credit is due. In order to enhance the morale of his students, he placed a picture from the film underneath his projector. This picture was graciously provided by one of his students who felt that the “vibes’ from the picture would assist them with their exams. 

Although Mr. Eric Buran harbors some opinions that are hard to agree with, it is greatly appreciated by his students that he continues to speak his mind, no matter the topic.