Wonderful Westmont College 

By Sydney Reese 

Nestled in the lively hills of Santa Barbara, Westmont College is home to around 1,300 students and about 100 faulty members. While physically on the smaller size, the amount of benefits, opportunities, and experiences that Westmont has to offer is immense. 


First of all, identifying as a liberal arts college, Westmont has 31 majors to offer, all of which are taught directly by faculty. The average classroom size, 18, and the average student to teacher ratio, 1:11, allows for each and every student to feel supported and cared about. Westmont High School alumni, Kayla Kim, who attends Westmont College now, agrees, commenting, “I really enjoy the student to teacher ratio.” Furthermore, Westmont gives a generous amount of scholarship money and financial aid, making the private, liberal arts school more affordable for many families. Another fun fact about Westmont is 58% of students study abroad to learn and live in cross cultural settings. This gives students unique opportunities to explore not only other countries, but also embrace other cultures. Overall, Westmont has strong academic programs that molds to fit each student’s needs. 


As stated earlier, Westmont is located in Santa Barbara. While Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and perfect weather, Westmont is specifically nestled in Montecito. Montecito is a well-known home to many celebrities, most likely because of the unique landscape and lack of light and sound pollution. Many students will spend nights stargazing and weekend mornings sleeping in, listening to the birds. Not only do students spend their time at the walkable-distance beaches, but also hiking through the hills and visiting all the shops and restaurants that downtown Santa Barbara offers. Westmont owns its own bus system that reaches all the main attractions, so students have free access to any spot in Santa Barbara at any time. Once again, Kalya comments on life at Westmont, “The campus is super beautiful and I love being able to live in Santa Barbara with all my friends!” Overall, Westmont college is located in one of the most ideal places for college students, as there is always something to do. 


While Westmont does have a smaller student body, their athletic presence and competitiveness  outshines many other schools in the area and in their leagues. Surprisingly, Westmont isn’t known for any sport in particular because almost every sport on campus is incredible. Westmont has won a total of 100 championships in their leagues. The most recent one being the girls soccer team. Westmont has also won 9 national championships. Overall, Westmont has an underrated athletic ability. 

Fun fact: Westmont College has the same colors and mascot as Westmont High school even though there is no correlation between the two schools.