Bienvenue au French Club!

By Faith Gonia

Abandoning its prior rule of French students only, French Club now allows all students at 

Westmont to join! That’s right, everyone, regardless of LOTE affiliation, has the exciting opportunity to learn about France’s culture and try delicious food, right on campus! 

President Sarah Sullivan captures the club’s tremendous value; she explains, “My dad always told me that common sense isn’t so common, and to find a better perspective of the world you need to learn about cultures and values completely different from your own.” French Club offers such an opportunity!

At the club’s last meeting, I had the pleasure of tasting homemade Galette des Rois (King’s Cake for the non-French folks) made by none other than Vice President Ethan Li. The members of the club learned about the French holiday Epiphany (when Galette des Rois is eaten) before trying Li’s dessert. Aside from his leadership skills, Li definitely has a talent in the kitchen; I’m no expert, but that puff pastry was absolutely heavenly! 

Meetings typically include a brief presentation on a topic relating to France, sometimes followed by French food brought for attendees. Li comments on French Club’s charm, explaining “people of all different language classes come to learn more about French culture.”

The club saw an enormous increase in attendance this year, thanks to its talented officers: President Sarah Sullivan, Vice President Ethan Li, and Treasurer Brooklyn Amino

Sullivan expresses her adoration for the club, and encourages others to try it out; “French club is open to everyone who wants to join . . .  We would love to have new members who want to bring in new ideas, learn or practice their French speaking skills, and enjoy delicious food!”

Stop by room 27 on select Tuesdays to join an inclusive group of individuals passionate about French!