Generations of Jarretts

By Lily Bourne

Many Westmont students know of at least one Jarrett, whether teacher or student, but not everyone knows that the Jarretts have been Westmont Warriors for almost 30 years! The Shield interviewed all three Westmont Jarretts to see what’s up!

How long have you been at Westmont?

Mrs. Jarrett: Four years as a student. And then I started in 1999 so this is my 24th year teaching at Westmont, and 28th overall!

Molly Jarrett: Three years

Max Jarrett: Two years

What are your favorite things about Westmont?

Mrs. Jarrett: I love my faculty, love the school colors. I love the close school culture, even though we are a little bit bigger now. I like the activities that are done on campus, and love seeing the Westmont spirit! 

What has changed in the time you’ve been here?

Mrs. Jarrett: The culture really hasn’t changed but physically the school has definitely expanded. We have more sports, and there’s no more smoking section. Really nothing has changed because I’m still going to school with Mr. Miller!   

Do you enjoy being a student or a teacher more?

Mrs: Jarrett: I enjoyed being a student but I love being a teacher! I can’t choose! As a student, I participated in all the events, but as a teacher, I still get involved as a coach and dressing up for spirit days!

Do you have any interesting stories about Westmont when you were a student?

Mrs. Jarrett: I love spirit weeks. Our spirit weeks were phenomenal, everybody participated. Our classes were a lot smaller (like 220 kids), but EVERYBODY got into it. We didn’t have cellphones so we had to pass notes!For our senior prank, we put lawn signs all over the school. I just loved high school. 

Do you enjoy having your kids at Westmont with you?

Mrs Jarrett: 100% I have my kids here not just because of location, but because I believe in our school. I believe the education is top notch. I’m proud of my school so I want my kids to be part of that. 

How is it going to the same school as your mom?

Molly Jarrett: It’s so amazing. I feel like I came in knowing everyone, like most of the teachers, already. It felt comfortable just because I’ve been here since I was little. I used to slide down the hill while my mom was coaching soccer. Having my mom’s classroom is like a comfort space, I come in and I feel like I can do whatever I need! I feel like I have lots more opportunities since I was more comfortable coming in here. 

Max Jarrett: It is great having my mom at school!

Do you like seeing your sibling around at school? 

Molly Jarrett: Of course! I never see him because our schedules don’t really match up. But I say hi to him when I go by. All my friends say hi to him too!

Max Jarrett: It is nice to see my sister every once in a while at school!

What’s your favorite part of having your mom on campus?

Molly Jarrett: It’s nice having a classroom. I can leave all my stuff in here, warm up my food, come into her study hall. It’s great!

Max Jarrett: My favorite part about my mom being on campus is that I can be in her classroom for lunch and talk with my friends.