What Our Friendship Means to Me

By Natalie Gaylord

If you think of your future, 

I hope you see me in it, 

If you think of us, 

I hope it makes you smile,

Thank you for standing by my side when no one else was, 

For being my unpaid therapist,

For being my chauffeur, 

For being my buddy, 

For being as sweet as honey, 

For making me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile, 

For understanding where I have been, 

For accepting me as who I am, 

For helping me grow,

For offering me a home away from home,

When I am around you I am a morning person, 

When I am around you I am a night owl, 

When I am around you I feel comfortable being whoever I want to be, 

When I am around you, you bring out the best in me,

If I don’t consistently say thank you, 

I hope you know I admire you always,

If multiple universes exist, 

I hope you and I are best friends in every one of them.