Beautiful Harmony

By Madeline Crowley

On this planet we call home

Countless people roam

But why do so many still feel so alone?

Trapped in our mind

With the harsh nature of the human kind

Surrounded by millions

With all too many opinions

But we all remain the same deep down 

We are earth’s civilians

All those with bad habits or not 

Don’t forget you still mean a lot

People who laugh at those afar just haven’t found 

Who they really are

To the weak and poor

The man who worked 24 hours this week at his store

From those ones who can’t afford a car so they bike

To the the wealthy singers and songwriters alike

The central park vendor selling a vegan hotdog,

And the fortune teller with her bright crystal fog,

No matter your shape, your size, your height and all

Everyone’s passions and livelihoods stand equally tall

The smart and the learning

May both still be yearning

Roaming the streets with with eyes so wide,

Everyone unique, each one a delight,

A colorful palette, in every cities bright light

A scraggly man who plays the saxophone

And the one next to him with a parrot on his collar bone

The little girl with the tutu spinning ‘round,

Their quirks, their talents, always astound,

To some you are a weirdo

But inside you’re truly a hero

So let us embrace the strange and new,

For its the weird people who make this world so alive and true

The young and old

Must all be told

From here on out differences shall be celebrated not shun

For on this planet our oddities are not outdone

The rhythm of the earth beats 

And each unique individual completes

Now tomorrow before you say something not nice

Please think twice 

Before calling them ugly or fat

Realize they may be just that

And promise me 

You’ll remember we all play an important part

In this big beautiful harmony