Winter Fashion Trends

Dad Jeans

An iconic staple in the 90s, dad jeans have increasingly gained popularity due to their vintage and timeless-looking style. In addition, they also have a higher waist and baggier fit, which aligns with many of the current fashion trends. Dad jeans also look practical on anyone who wears them due to their tapered leg and relaxed fit. These jeans can be found at thrift stores or denim brands, such as Levi’s. Whether dressed up or dressed down, dad jeans are definitely a closet staple this winter. 

Matching Sets

Matching sweats and hoodies not only make choosing an outfit easier in the morning, but also gives you an effortless look. Sophisticated yet efficient, matching sweatsuits come in a variety of styles and can be paired with a jacket to provide extra warmth. Since they come in many different colors, matching sets can add a pop of color to any outfit. 

Puffer Jackets

Providing comfort and warmth, puffer jackets are another popular item this winter. Manufacturers fill the jackets with down or synthetic insulation to ensure warmth in the coldest of environments. Likewise, puffer jackets can also heighten any outfit since they come in a plethora of colors and designs. This winter, puffer jackets will compliment any outfit and keep you warm throughout the season. 


Paired with a sweater or turtleneck, vests liven any outfit. Arguably the most versatile jacket, vests have increasingly become popular due to the added warmth and chic style. From sweater vests to puffer vests, these jackets definitely are a closet staple this season for any winter activity.