Daniels’ Wardrobe

Julia Daniels, who teaches both chemistry and biology here at Westmont,  has a unique style. Daniels’ student, Sophia Salvador, exclaims, “I love how she wears unique colors. I also love her assortment of flip-flops.” With her beautiful earrings and tops, Daniels’ fashion leaves students in awe. Here is an exclusive interview into her fashion extravaganza.

Describe your style in three words:

Sporty, comfortable, teacher

Who is your fashion icon?

My daughter!

What is a go-to clothing item in your closet?


Where do you love to shop?


How long do you typically spend choosing an outfit?

5 minutes!

What is a fashion trend you like?

Baggy pants and chunky heels.

What is a fashion trend that you hate?

Midriff tops. It’s just too 70’s . . .

What is a piece of clothing that we’ll never catch you wearing?

Stiletto heels!

What is a favorite clothing piece you own?

My green velvet dress.