Slippers at School!

With chilly weather taking over, slippers have become a staple of my daily wardrobe. Every day, despite criticism from my friends, I show up looking stylish in my comfy slippers. While many prefer sneakers or boots in the winter, I enjoy the soft feeling of my red slippers, although they do not match any of my outfits. As someone who dresses for comfort rather than style, I have ignored the mean comments I receive and proudly display my slippers to everyone at school. I believe slippers should be a staple in everyone’s outfit, especially when paired with sweatpants and a hoodie. Great for when you are running late, or when you want to stay warm, slippers are a practical shoe choice. 

Some fellow students at Westmont shared their opinions on wearing slippers to school:

“On days where I’m rushed to leave the house, or when I’m in the mood to be comfy, I slide on my favorite pair of Ugg slippers to wear to school. Keeping my feet warm and cozy, I love wearing my slippers to school.” – Taylor Casillas

“Wearing slippers to school is fire. Comfort is key, especially at school.” – Audrey Jones

“I think that slippers are the epitome of fashion and comfort. People who are against wearing slippers to school are not people I want to surround myself with. Slippers just make every comfy outfit look chic and cozy!!” – Julia Kemp

“I love wearing my Ugg slippers to school because they’re super comfortable, cute, and keep my feet warm.” – Iksha Hakoo 

“I totally support wearing slippers to school, but they become outside slippers and shouldn’t be worn in the house anymore.” – Olivia Pocat 

“I like to wear slippers on foot because slippers are good and slippers are nice and I like slippers a lot and I like slippers because slippers can be warm and slippers look good.” – Evan Griffith

“I’m fine with other people wearing slippers to school but I would never because then I have to work around obstacles like puddles and mud. One exception is Larena’s slippers. I would wear those everyday! – Giuseppe Cusmano