McLellan Fashion 

Ms. McLellan is one of the fantastic teachers in the Westmont math department. Not only do they educate the students of Westmont, but also inspire students through positivity and acceptance. One of the ways Ms. McLellan expresses their own creativity and uniqueness is through clothing. We are happy to highlight Ms. McLellan in this issue of teacher fashion. 

How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Comfortable, consistent, and fun!

What element/accessory always completes an outfit? 


Do you have a Fashion icon, if so who?

I love Clair Saffitz’s fashion. She is a youtube food creator. 

How do you feel like you express yourself through your outfits?

I used to think I needed to not wear dresses because I am non-binary, and wearing dresses felt like a lie. But dresses are beautiful, and beauty is gender-neutral, so now I embrace my love for pretty fashion and wear dresses often. I express my freedom by wearing what makes me happy.

Do you have any go-to clothing items?

I love dresses because they are instant outfits.

Similarly, do you have a favorite clothing item?

My favorite dress is a pastel plaid dress. I have two of the same dress, and I wear it almost every week.

What are your thoughts on the fashion of Westmont students?

I like the variety of clothing choices Westmont students make! I love the different haircuts, the different hair colors, and the different types of clothes. It shows that you are all putting thought into who you want to be and how you want to express yourselves.