Growing Up With Emma Chamberlain 

By Madeline Crowley

Launching her first-ever YouTube video in 2016, internet superstar Emma Chamberlain, began to grow her popularity through YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Tik Toks, and now a  podcast. As any long-time Emma Chamberlain fan would know, her original YouTube videos featured far more silly and random content including challenges and goofy vlogs she filmed with other popular YouTubers. Emma is now 21 and her maturity has truly shown through in the media. Because she has grown up, her YouTube videos attribute more serious topics, display a tasteful outlook on life, and provide useful mortal advice, which highlights her deeper views on the meaning of life and what it means to be a good person on this planet. Emma began her podcast Anything Goes in 2019 and it has grown to be an extremely influential platform of hers. Clearly, Emma sees the importance of getting her word and opinions out to inspire other young women on a podcast more so than creating youtube videos. She now posts YouTube videos less frequently—about once a month—and podcasts almost weekly. 

Anything Goes has personally comforted me in a way all teenage girls should get the chance to experience. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics— hence the name Anything Goes—including dealing with difficult people, identity, relationships, fashion, gut feelings, and most importantly, mental health. Emma Chamberlain shares many of her personal experiences, especially relating to anxiety and depression, that have taught her vital life lessons. Adding on, her hilarious, yet serious and mature way of sharing keeps you engrossed in listening every second. Emma takes the position of a wise older sister in a way because she is able to give advice and tell the most directly relatable stories on things that parents just can’t provide the same perspective on because they didn’t live in such a unique generation that we do today. Her extreme self-awareness and knowledge of the world around her display such good attributes that a young girl in today’s society needs. It is also inspiring to hear her reflect on her self-growth and change through time because of being so heavily involved in social media as an influencer. Although you may remember Emma Chamberlain as that one old YouTuber who was friends with James Charles and got paid a ton of money for posting videos of doing silly teenager things and vlogs, she has now blossomed into a truly influential and wise public figure worth listening to. Next time you go for a walk, consider putting in your headphones and listening to a little of Anything Goes.