Epoch for the Weird and Wacky

The first piece of art, created over 45,500 years ago, depicts pigs. Though caves no longer host art created with human handprints, the sentiment of self expression remains a characteristic of human existence. With interesting and wacky personalities, art tends to reflect those characteristics.

Using beads made of precious and semi-precious stones, like malachite, opal, and smoky quartz, Ryan creates oversized sculptures of moldy fruit. Commonly depicting moldy lemons and oranges, her sculptures created with foam bases comment on the excess consumption that occurs in society. Her sculptures, though beautiful, depict an ugly concept of waste. 

As a long standing tradition, beekeeper Sidoros Ţiminis, living in the region of Kapandriti, blesses his honeycombs with icons of Christ, the Holy Virgin and different saints. An accidental form of art, every year the bees build around the religious icons. 

Art throughout the ages remains an epoch for humanity’s flaws and wacky personalities.