Set For Life 

By Jen Mejia

Early in November, the Powerball jackpot reached $2 billion. Everyone bought tickets and went bonkers because they didn’t know what to do with $2 billion. Allow me to explain what I would do with all that money.

  1. Get a lawyer (they areexpensive); to protect my identity and not get murdered or robbed. 
  2. Donate five million dollars to each of my family members ( I have a lot of family members); just because it is a nice thing to do.
  3. Donate 500 million dollars to the National Alliance to End Homelessness; I do not need loads of money to survive so why not help others.
  4. Another 500 million dollars to food banks to help children and low income families because what can go wrong with giving
  5. Buy myself basic necessities because I also deserve goods!
  6. Buy myself a nice comfortable house. I do not want anything extravagant because I want the feeling of a cozy home.
  7. Donate money to schools around me just because I support education.

Clearly, I do not know what I would do with a crazy amount of money. I would have so much leftover. Even with paying taxes and owing a whole bunch of money to the government there is a surplus amount of leftover. I do not understand how billionaires do not donate more of their money when they clearly don’t have much to do. Maybe add like one more sentence to make this a full paragraph, u could like expand on what u could do idk