What Would I Buy with 2.04 billion? 

By Alex Gryciuk

What would you do if the lucky ticket was the one you bought? 

Cop a million dollar yacht?

Acquire a chance to be an astronaut? 

Buy a car that makes you look hot?

What would you buy with all those dollars? 

Would you be one of Harvard’s scholars? 

Buy Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga; all clothes with fancy collars? 

Purchase a house with Roman columns?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Turn to snobbery? 

Play real life monopoly?

Invest in the economy? 

What would I do if I won the cash? 

Buy a big house in a flash

with a pool where everyone can splash 

and become the upper class. 

What else would I get? 

A future without debt. 

A round trip flight to Tibet. 

A private jet.

Though I’d only really receive $997.6 million,

I would hire minions. 

I would invest in Hilton. 

Everyone will trust my opinion. 

Oh what I’d give to win the money.

And to buy all that makes me happy.