Old School: Mr. Wallace

By Keira De Vita and Cat Kemp

Randy Wallace, a science teacher at the Westmont High School campus carefully selected, obtains the position of one of our highlighted teachers in this issue of The Shield. There is no fault behind the choosing of such a teacher, one who not only proves dedicated to his students, but a teacher who is a part of the strong backboard of Westmont High Schools FFA (Future Farmers of America) program. An interview with our very own Wallace illuminations the “Old School” side of our beloved AG teacher.

When inquiring about Wallace’s background with teaching in and outside of Westmont, he responded promptly stating that that he has been illuminating the minds of students for over twenty five years, this year teaching will result in his twenty fourth year at Westmont where prior to his current occupation at the home of the Warriors, he worked at Notre Dame High school, in downtown San Jose. He goes on to explain that he has “taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science, back when [Westmont] had that class. [He] also did a year of teaching Driver’s Education.” As for Westmont’s 2022-2023 school year, Randy Wallace currently teaches Ag Bio, Ag Chem, and Ag Physics.

Venturing into Randy Wallace’s “old school” years he reveals that he used to attend Del Mar High School, the Dons, where the science teacher revealed he traveled by bus to school until he was able to drive, where Wallace then sported around his first car, a Volkswagen convertible that was apparently really cheap to purchase from his neighbors.

Wallace proved how dedicated he was to the study of science. This shines through when he states “Biology was my favorite class, I had a great Biology teacher. Math was always the most challenging for me. I ended up with something like a 3.2 GPA”. Not only was Wallace an advocate for science students, but a dedicated student worker. “[Wallace] got a job as soon as [he] turned 16, at the fast food restaurant, Jack in the Box. Then [he] worked 2 years at the Winchester Mystery House” Which the science teacher recalls to be “a very cool and very fun place to work.”

Music was a huge part of the decade that Wallace went to school. Music was changing and artists were booming. Wallace states “Bands I listened to? I was the youngest of 4 kids, my older siblings were very much into the typical 70’s bands-Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers. I listened to those bands. The Eagles, Chicago, and Lynyrd Skynrd were popular during my time at Del Mar.” This clearly illuminates what type of music listener Wallace was during his life in high school.

The amazing AG science teacher ends the interview stating that “…obviously, Keira De Vita and Catherine Kemp are my most awesome students, they alone are what makes teaching such a rewarding experience.”