Warrior Wardrobe: Sam Wyles

Senior Sam Wyles has an unquestionably striking and unique taste in fashion. With his iconic Air Forces and graphic t-shirts, Sam truly captures the definition of good style. As his friends state, his style is a perfect balance of neutral and a pop of color. Fellow senior Isabelle Senghor comments, “Sam’s style is simple without being boring; it reminds me of Frank Ocean.” Here is an exclusive interview with this month’s fashion star:

What are three words to describe your style?

Simple, neutral, and casual

Who/What are your fashion icons?

I don’t have many fashion icons, but if I were to experiment more and have more money to spend, I would love to have a similar style as Yves Tumor, Evan Mock, Frank Ocean, Ecco2k, or Rosalía’s “biker core” trend. All of their styles are so unique, and I wish I could look like them.

What is your go-to item in your closet?

My go-to item is for sure my Air Forces. I think they’re just so convenient and can go with any outfit.

Where do you get your clothes?

If I want to save money and time, I usually go to the closest Goodwill and hope to find something that I like. But, if I feel like spending money and want a specific piece of clothing, I would go on Depop because they have literally everything you can think of.

What is a fashion trend you love?

A fashion trend that I love is probably streetwear. Streetwear is so accessible to people because of its size-inclusivity and gender-neutral clothing, and I think anybody can feel comfortable and look good in it.

What is a fashion trend you hate?

A fashion trend I hate is probably crocs. They seem impractical and awkward with any outfit you wear.

How long do you spend planning outfits?

Not that long, something around 2-5 minutes.

Do you have any fashion advice for your peers?

Honestly, I know nothing about fashion, but I would encourage people to try different things and get out of their comfort zone. It’s good to explore and find what suits you and make a style out of it!