When Jay Went For A Walk

By Julia Kemp

A young man who lived on Royal Crumple way decided to go for a walk. He passed through lawns, cut through courts, and ran through alleyways. This man, Jay, went from point A to point B with no hesitation.

Never enjoying the journey, Jay’s driving ambition allowed him to climb the social ladder and succeed in his multi-million dollar shoelace company. However, Jay’s cutthroat ambition ultimately led to his demise: this one early morning stroll would mean the end of his days. 

Though Jay’s neighbors and friends attempted to teach him the power of patience, Jay couldn’t help but cross the street at dangerous times. “Be careful, Jay,” yelled his next door neighbor, Truly. “Shut your frog mouth, Truly,” he screamed in response. Then, just as he was crossing the busy, cosmopolitan street, Jay heard the blasting horns of an oncoming delivery truck containing shipments of doorknobs. Jay screamed and tried to run away; alas, he could not outrun this speeding knob truck. SPLAT! Jay lay flat as a board on the street. 

Jay’s story reached every news headline (he was an up in coming shoelace producer, after all). Everyone knew the story of Jay’s walk, and even began to call it Jay-walking when you cross the street at dangerous and impatient times.